Hey guys,

This is a short one:

Less than a day ago Buycraft removed support for the old style links that we’ve been using for your account upgrades. As a result of that, the buttons we have on the Account Upgrade page no longer worked.

I’ve just changed them to the new format. They now use sleek pop-up style windows, so your whole experience is much better. Plus, you no longer need to leave our website to upgrade your account.

My apologies for not catching it up on time, so if you’ve been trying to upgrade your account in the past 24 hours and couldn’t please try now and let me know how it goes. Also my thanks go to Ladyblanche that let me know the old buttons were broken, and to the players that let her know about it.

As a side note, this is going to be an exciting week at MCSpaceCraft. So many cool stuff going to happen. Can’t wait!