After bravely spitting gallons of water in many heroic battles, the squid in the Pyramid arena got tired of it all! With the money earned he bought himself a nice quiet pool of water and is now catching tan on a remote, secluded skyblock island.

The position didn’t stay open for long though. Battle in the Pyramid arena, survive if you can, and you soon should discover a vicious, venomous foe.

Did you enjoy the near constant thunder coming from all 3 arenas? You’ll have to find it elsewhere because it got removed. The lightning ability, after constantly annoying players for one too many months, got replaced by other boss abilities.

The cow and ghast got together, ate some lily pads and after chatting for a while became smarter. Seeing as the fireballs they threw did more damage to them than to players they figured it’s best they use something else.

Fight in the arenas to discover all the changes.