First of all yesterday a few 1.5 items have been added, but I forgot to post about it. Here are the new items:

  • light detectors
  • light weighted pressure plates
  • heavy weighted pressure plates

The only missing 1.5 items currently on server are comparators and hoppers, and both will be added soon.

Now on today’s changes…

First is a somewhat important one, that’s been going for a while and is now fixed: creepers can no longer blow up item frames and paintings. Paint away 🙂

Second, a change to sheep dyeing protection: previously only white sheep could be dyed to protect your colored sheep against griefing. Since it’s rather common that sheep can spawn also in various grey tones, at your suggestions on the forums sheep colored in all grey tones can now be dyed in addition to the white ones.

Third: when logged in game do /rules and read them carefully as one or two of them have been clarified. I’m talking specifically about the no advertising rule, it’s now on the first page of the rules since we have and always had a 0 tolerance policy on that. This is meant to emphasize it’s not okay to do it.

Enjoy 🙂