About a week ago due to the number of incidents with people killing animals on skyblock islands they don’t own and aren’t a member of, we’ve made a Minecraft plugin to prevent it.

And because you are so smart and creative, you’ve figured out you can still kill them with snowballs. Or with a bow and arrows.

Not anymore. We’ve just applied an update to the farm animal protection plugin. Now it is no longer possible to kill ’em on skyblock islands you don’t own by any means including: bare hands, melee weapons (sword, pickaxe, etc.), snowballs, bow and arrows or splash potions.

The plugin protects the following animal types: cow, sheep, chicken, pig and mooshroom. So keep them in a pen with a protected door and they should be safe from intruders.

Of course members of the same island can kill the animals on their own island. As with everything else, don’t invite strangers or people you don’t trust to your own skyblock.