Just started or already a veteran? Your skyblock island is small, or doesn’t have a mob farm? Need XP or mob drops? Feeling brave enough?

Meet… The death trap.


Forge your best weapons and armor, get ’em brewing stand brew, gather yer guts and prepare to battle. When ready do

/warp deathtrap

When you walk out those doors, all protections are off (Note: pvp is disabled and not allowed!). It’s just you, your weapon and your friends watching your back!

On the most distant corners there are 4 level 30 enchantment tables. If you can reach them and survive long enough, get your items enchanted for free there.

You can earn lots of XP and mob drops fast, or lose everything just as fast. It’s just up to your combat skills to keep you alive. Everything you can grab including items dropped by other players upon their death it’s yours to keep. If you can get out alive!

Spend some time in there, learn the map and you’ll find out some places are easier than others. Who knows? You may even find that elusive perfect farming spot with minimal risk of death.

/warp deathtrap

If you dare!