A couple updates and bugfixes have been applied to the Skyblock server.

First we have the Valentine kit. Make sure you have about 6 or 7 inventory slots empty and do /kit valentine in game. The kit will be retired next weekend.

We then have the Cacti update. You can now use cacti as fuel in furnaces. The burn time is equal of saplings, so for example it takes 2 cacti to smelt an ore. Enjoy 🙂

Last but not least, a bug introduced with 1.7.4 where you weren’t able to get out of vehicles (horses, beds, minecarts) is now fixed. Therefore I removed the workaround, so now you can ride them proper. Enjoy, and make sure you have the /island flag ride turned ON if you want people to be able to ride horses and minecarts on your island.

There will be more updates and bugfixes coming in the next few days.