I am aware there are some network connectivity issues with our datacenter that are preventing some people to connect from time to time, or disconnect those that are playing.

The datacenter has confirmed they are having a temporary network issue and hopefully will fix whatever it’s broken ASAP. Not much else I can do since it’s not something related to our server directly. I’ll update the post once they give an ETA

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the trouble this might cause you.

UPDATE 13:00: The datacenter located the issue at their DNS servers and applied a fix. Will keep monitoring the server to make sure everything is fine on our end.

UPDATE 14:00: We haven’t received nor observed any more disconnects so we can conclude the issue is indeed fixed by the datacenter.

UPDATE 16:30: The earlier problem is back. I’ve escalated the incident with the datacenter and they are investigating the issue. Again, this incident has nothing to do with our server and affects a large number of servers in the datacenter. It’s not much I can do, except wait for their problems to get fixed.

UPDATE 17:20: I have applied a workaround to use 3rd party DNS servers instead of the datacenter ones and this seems to be working well. Enjoy 🙂