Mojang announced in the launcher they are getting ready to release Minecraft 1.6 – the horse update. As such, I’ve started working on the needed changes to make it work on our servers. There are a LOT of changes, similar and perhaps more than the 1.5 release so it may take a bit.

So with this in mind, a forward notice: whenever Mojang will release – probably later this week or next – 1.6 do NOT upgrade your game client, or better yet make a backup copy of your 1.5.2 NOW and use that until I’ll announce it’s okay to upgrade.

Work on the Tekkit like server is nearly complete. Our latest bugfix playthroughs didn’t find any game breaking bugs. Expect a semi-open beta where more people will be able to join and start playing in a few days.

Lots of coding, testing, tweaking… fun! Need a break soon though.

Stay safe, have fun 🙂