How to get horses, horse armor and related stuff you ask? 3 ways:

1. Use /kit horse in game. This is a one time thing, so make sure you’re on your island when spawning your horses.

2. There’s a new villager at spawn named Horse Vendor. It sells all horse related stuff for ghast tears.

3. Finally, for those of you that wish to support the server and help pay the bills, I’ve set up a horse package in Buycraft. It has all 3 horse armor types, 4 spawn eggs, leads and a name tag. You can check it out here: . Thank you!

The upgrade to 1.6.2 is finally upon us. After a lot of things happened, mostly unrelated to Minecraft or the servers, I was able to sit down and finish updating all plugins on all 3 servers.

Minecraft 1.6.2 UpdateSo we’re ready to update, and it has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. The approximate date and time is Jul 29, 2013 at 9:00 AM GMT. To see what time it will be for you, check out the following link: Skyblock Update to 1.6.2 Maintenance Time

The expected downtime for maintenance while updating all servers in the network will be approximately 30 minutes.

Horses anyone? Yee-haa! 🙂

Update 09:07AM – Servers have been brought down for maintenance. Estimated maintenance time: 30 mins
Update 09:33AM – Main Skyblock server has been updated. Started testing for errors, it’s not yet available to players.
Update 09:42AM – Herding Llamas. Maintenance almost done.
Update 09:46AM – Maintenance complete. Skyblock server is updated to 1.6.2 and running. Connect and enjoy.

In a few hours after getting some proper sleep I’ll update the rest of the servers. For now Survival Games is down until it’s updated. Sorry.

All servers in the network have been updated to 1.6.2, including Survival Games. They’re up & running. Enjoy 🙂