Many dwarven carpenters have been secretly employed to fix your homes. Why dwarves you ask? They’re tiny, and they’re damn good at what they do. Just make sure you don’t step on one when getting into bed next time, okay? Because your beds are once again working properly. Or /home. Both work. Hopefully. Blame the dwarves if yours doesn’t.

Threatened to be hunted down to extinction, horses have been quickly added to the endangered animal species. You should no longer be able to damage, kill or fish a horse. Something is really fishy here. I mean, just think at a 2000 lb horse on a fishing pole. How you’d call it anyway, horse on a stick?

Ever tried to ride a horse you don’t own without owner permission? Yea, me either. So now you shouldn’t be able to ride tamed horses if you’re not their owner anymore. Nor rename them.

Shouldn’t even mention this, but you’re no longer able to *ahem* “borrow” other people horse armor or saddles they placed on their horses. Not that anyone did it anyway. Right? RIGHT?

Taming animals on other people islands? Not anymore, get your own animal to play with.