Mojang has released yesterday a preview version 1.4 for the upcoming update: Minecraft 1.4 pre-release.

However, it will be a few days – typically a week – until Craftbukkit releases a stable update, and perhaps even more until the plugin writers update theirs to work on the latest release.

Internally we have a lot on our hands too, rewriting our in-house plugins to make them work well with the update.

So, with this being said, and given our best efforts I estimate the server will not update to 1.4 until around the end of this month. You should take measures and keep on your computer a copy of the Minecraft you’re running now, to be able to connect and play on

Do you remember seeing this error message whenever you created a sign on your island?

Cherish those moments because they’re gone. The error message, that is.

It was a minor bug, with an unused feature in one of the plugins. Fixed now. So go wild with sign creation. Enjoy.

While on your skyblock island, you can complete a number of challenges. For each one you manage to finish, you get 1 gold ingot.

Most of the challenges will take the required items from your inventory, but a few will allow you to keep your item(s). These that allow you to keep the items are marked in the list below.

The in-game commands to manage challenges are:

  • /challenges list 0 – will show you the first page of challenges available for you
  • /challenges list 1 – will show you the second page of challenges
    /challenges list 2 – will show you the 3rd page of challenges
  • /challenges complete ChallengeNumber – type this command while having the required items in your hand to complete a challenge. Contrary to what some players may expect, having the required items in a chest will not work 🙂

Here is the full list of challenges currently available to you:

  1. Build a Cobble Stone generator and gather 20 cobblestone
  2. Produce 10 stone
  3. Produce 1 stone button
  4. Produce 1 stone pressure plate
  5. Produce 10 stone slabs
  6. Produce 20 stone bricks
  7. Produce 5 stone brick stairs
  8. Produce 5 stone brick slabs
  9. Craft a Fishing Rod (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  10. Catch 10 fish
  11. Cook 10 fish
  12. Produce one boat
  13. Produce 10 empty bowls
  14. Produce one chest (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  15. Produce a crafting table (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  16. Produce a wooden door
  17. Produce 10 wooden fences
  18. Produce 10 fence gates
  19. Produce 10 ladders
  20. Produce 10 signs
  21. Produce 10 paintings
  22. Produce 5 trap doors
  23. Produce 20 torches
  24. Produce 10 redstone torches
  25. Produce one Bow (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  26. Produce 20 arrows
  27. Produce one bed (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  28. Produce a note block (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  29. Produce a Jukebox (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  30. Produce a Bookshelf (you will keep it on challenge completion)
  31. Produce 10 White Wool
  32. Produce 10 Orange Wool
  33. Produce 10 Magenta Wool
  34. Produce 10 Light Blue Wool
  35. Produce 10 Yellow Wool
  36. Produce 10 Lime Wool
  37. Produce 10 Pink Wool
  38. Produce 10 Gray Wool
  39. Produce 10 Light Gray Wool
  40. Produce 10 Cyan Wool
  41. Produce 10 Purple Wool
  42. Produce 10 Blue Wool
  43. Produce 10 Brown Wool
  44. Produce 10 Green Wool
  45. Produce 10 Red Wool
  46. Produce 10 Black Wool
  47. Gather a full stack of Netherrack
  48. Gather 10 Nether Bricks
  49. Produce 10 Nether Brick Fences
  50. Produce 10 Nether Brick Stairs

Many more will be added in the near future.

Also you’ll soon have another reason to keep your gold ingots, as not all challenges in the list above can be easily completed. We’ll post details when those parts of the game are fully implemented.

Have fun!

Note: Not all challenges above are yet active on the live server. They will be active on next server restart.

A bit of bragging regarding our server at 10 days after the official launch:

We’ve just hit the 1,000 unique players mark on the server this morning.

600 active player islands.

Thanks to your continuous support, has climbed to position #200 on from more than 24,000 listed servers!

Many more goodies awaiting to be deployed live on the server in the upcoming days. Let’s see if we can make it to top100!

Before closing, thank you – yes you! meaning all our wonderful players, donators, moderators and admin team members – for your support and help to make this the best Island Skyblock server there is.

– heatseeker0

MCSpaceCraft core and several plugins have been upgraded this morning.

The most notable goodness is that you shouldn’t need to relog to see nearby people when teleporting from place to place (your island mates, the arena lobby, spawn, etc.).

Other goodies are mostly bug fixes, performance improvements and stability fixes for an even more pleasurable experience. Enjoy your play!

What could this be?

You’ve asked for it, and now it’s back. And better!

Upon login you see the total time you’ve played on the server. And whenever you feel like it, use


to see your total online time.

Top online players will soon have another reason to brag. We’re adding this info on the website. Soon.

Want to trade safely with other players without fear of scamming? Well, now you can. Hers is how…

Both of you go to spawn. You have to be within 10 blocks from each other. One of the players does:

/trade request OtherPlayerName

And the other player does:

/trade accept

You both place the items in the trade window, and can see what the other has placed there. When done, click on the green wool to make the trade. To cancel the trade click on the red wool.

When you click on the green wool, it will turn blue. If the other player makes any change into his items after you’ve clicked it, your wool will again turn green so you can review the new offer.

No more excuses for being scammed. Use the safe /trade 🙂

Instructions have also been added in-game, at spawn near the old trade booths.