Update: And it seems they’re back online and I was just able to authenticate and then log into the server. Happy playing!

The site that does authentication for all users on all Minecraft servers, minecraft.net is currently down.

We’re up and running, but since you cannot authenticate you might not be able to login.

To see when they’re back online, you can go to their website: minecraft.net. Leonard Axelsson, one of the Mojang developers, just tweeted the following:

There are problems with our infrastructure that means our sites and services might not work for a while, hopefully it will be fixed soon. […] well, there’s nothing we can do but our sites aren’t going to be working that well for a while.

For all donations to the server made until October 22th, if you enter coupon code mcspacecraft at checkout, you’ll get the same in-game benefits at half the price.

Check out the account upgrades to see what’s available for you.

Remember, this is a donation you’re giving out freely to support the server hosting. Thank you!

In-game items or in-game account upgrades – if any – are a small token to thank you for your continued support and help to keep the server running. They are given automatically right after the donation completes.

Should you lose your items right after purchase or have any problems with the in-game account upgrade, contact an admin and they will help you.

All account upgrades have been added to the website and in-game, and are fully automatic. Except the custom Donator prefix and the custom Warp.

To check out the benefits you get (includes access to the /fly command, diamond tools and many more) and help support the server go to the Minecraft Island Skyblock account upgrades page.

In the server /rules it’s written very clearly: no hacking. Hacking is one of the few things that will get you a fast and permanent ban, with no recourse rights.

Today I’ve banned 5 players using Nodus and similar client mods. We have custom written plugins that detect this kind of thing, and everything is logged and reviewed later, even if I’m offline.

So before logging in to the SpaceCraft server make sure you’re clean. It’s not even worth it, you get no in-game advantage in an Island Survival server from hacks.

Have fun, stay safe 🙂

Due to popular request, we now have an active mob arena.

Battle over 16 waves of enemies, fight your way and kill 2 tough bosses and win epic rewards.

Got what it takes? Come get some!

If you have voted but haven’t yet received your in-game Ghast Tear, don’t worry. I am currently working on a replacement plugin since the one we’re currently using is faulty and sometimes doesn’t reward properly.

Everything is logged, and you will receive them. Just let me know. No vote is lost!

UPDATED AND FIXED: It’s been 6 hours of work, but it’s done! We’re running a custom in-house written plugin that handles the voting flawlessly. Now you can be either online and receive the vote rewards immediately, or offline and receive all due Ghast Tears upon login.

The thing is so smart that you can be a new player that never connected to the server, and you’ll still receive all the due tears if you’ve voted before connecting to the server for the first time 🙂

Here’s a quick teaser for what you’ll find in-game:


In-game Tutorials

In-game currency shop

Vote rewards shop

The voting system is fully functional, and fully automatic. You get 1 Ghast Tear for each vote you do. There are more sites, and you can vote daily at all of them to get more than 1 tear / day. Go to the voting page for more details.

At /spawn there is a custom shop with Villagers selling goodies for Ghast Tears. Useful things, such as lava buckets, saplings, redstone, even diamonds. Check it out at the left of the main fountain.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote to support us. Thank you!