After other additions and changes, it was time for the safe trade to receive some love.

First change has already been requested more times than I can count: the money values have been increased. New values are as follows:

  • gold nugget: 100 sc
  • gold ingot: 1000 sc
  • gold block: 10000 sc

With this change, it is now possible to do trades of over 640,000 so it should cover most items you could possibly want to trade.

For trades below 100 sc, you can simply do /pay as the amount is very small and most likely won’t hurt you much if the other person doesn’t keep to her end of the deal.

The other big change is now in the interface itself, as all items have received suggestive names and tooltips. Simply move your mouse above an item of the interface to see what it does.

Skyblock Safe Trade

Enjoy 🙂

Just thought to give everyone a heads up…

It seems the guys at Mojang had and still are having some issues with their authentication servers in the past 12 hours or so.

As you know, their authentication servers control who can connect and play on any Minecraft server, not just ours.

If you’re trying to log in to play on skyblock and get an error instead, simply try a few times. Sometimes the auth servers are up and you can get through if you’re persistent enough. I was able to try for about 1 min before I got online.

Once online, you won’t get disconnected if they go down again. Our server runs fine, so see you online 🙂

If you get asked to download from a website (like Mediafire, but not limited to just that one) or receive over Skype any program to “test it out” or for any reason really, do not do it. Here’s how this social engineering trick is played out – real attempt made on this server:

Minecraft Account Theft

This is a trojan program written in Java that will steal your Minecraft user and password and email them over to the person that wrote the trojan.

From that point on, that person – let’s call it Mr. Corley – has full control over your Minecraft account and can log on in to any server posing as yourself.

If you’ve downloaded or received over Skype or any file sharing website such programs in the last weeks, you’re advised to immediately change your Minecraft password.

There have been several reports of this going on and already several people lost their in-game items.

Pass this warning on to your friends too. Play safe people, think before you run unknown programs from strangers!

Stay safe, have fun.

This has been hot-fixed about 12 hours ago – an hour or so after being reported by a player – on our Skyblock and no longer works.

Thought to save y’all the trouble of making a bunch of hoppers in the hopes it might hop some wood 😛

All 1.5 items have been added – including hoppers. For security reasons, hoppers have been set so they can’t pull items out of chests. For more details about this decision, please check this forum thread.

Apart from that, we’ve added droppers, all minecart types and more.

A massive overhaul has been done on performances and optimizations, so you can enjoy a lag free server.

Another somewhat minor but still useful tweak: the ghast tear vendors at spawn have gotten suggestive names that should better help you find the items you want to buy. And more important, the groundwork has been laid for a lot more exciting updates in the near future.

Enjoy 🙂

If not, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next year April Fools to do so 😀

Enjoy the /kit easter though, it will stay up until the end of this week.

Happy Easter everyone that celebrates it today!

And even if you do not, try doing /kit easter in game for a nice present. You’ll have to see in game what’s in it.

Bonus? Try catching one of your bats and cook it for an awesome surprise. Hint: it will only work in a furnace. A lower ceiling room might help.

If you’ve had issues with Buycraft in the last 24 hours, these should have now been fixed. My apologies. I’ve manually applied the upgrades, and any that I missed should be automatically applied to your account in 30 mins or less after you’re online.

Today’s biggest change: most moderators can now set diamond donator prefixes along with warps. So you no longer need to wait perhaps even half a day to catch me online for this.

Enjoy 🙂