First of all yesterday a few 1.5 items have been added, but I forgot to post about it. Here are the new items:

  • light detectors
  • light weighted pressure plates
  • heavy weighted pressure plates

The only missing 1.5 items currently on server are comparators and hoppers, and both will be added soon.

Now on today’s changes…

First is a somewhat important one, that’s been going for a while and is now fixed: creepers can no longer blow up item frames and paintings. Paint away 🙂

Second, a change to sheep dyeing protection: previously only white sheep could be dyed to protect your colored sheep against griefing. Since it’s rather common that sheep can spawn also in various grey tones, at your suggestions on the forums sheep colored in all grey tones can now be dyed in addition to the white ones.

Third: when logged in game do /rules and read them carefully as one or two of them have been clarified. I’m talking specifically about the no advertising rule, it’s now on the first page of the rules since we have and always had a 0 tolerance policy on that. This is meant to emphasize it’s not okay to do it.

Enjoy 🙂

Short update to announce that Redstone Blocks can now be crafted in Skyblock and work properly.

The new pressure plates and daylight detector should be added in about 14 – 16 hours or so, and hoppers shortly after.

Enjoy 🙂

A new update has just been applied to the server. The following items can now be crafted:

  • Cook Netherrack to get Nether Bricks. 4 small bricks make a Nether Brick block.
  • 3 Nether Brick blocks in a row make 6 Nether Brick Slabs.
  • 6 Nether Brick blocks in 2 rows make 6 Nether Brick Fences.
  • 6 Nether Brick blocks in a stair shape make 6 Nether Brick stairs.

And more quartz based items:

  • If you want you can now cook Quartz Ore to get Nether Quartz.
  • 4 Nether Quartz make a Nether Quartz Block.
  • 3 Quartz Blocks in a row make 6 Quartz Slabs.
  • 2 Quartz Slabs on top of each other make a Chiseled Quartz Block.
  • 2 Quartz Blocks on top of each other make 2 Pillar Quartz Blocks.

Still working on improving the performance on remaining 5 redstone powered items, and hopefully they’ll be enabled for everyone in the next day or so.

Enjoy 🙂

After nearly 2 weeks of working behind the scenes, I’m proud to say we’re running Minecraft 1.5 on Bukkit with nearly all items active. The new server was just activated, approximately 15 mins after the official release.

After you log in, do /kit quartz to get your first stack of Nether Quartz ore and start crafting. All Nether Quartz items are enabled including Block of Quartz with it’s variants and Nether Quartz stairs.

Extra Nether Quartz will soon (~1 hour) be able to be purchased from the in-game shops at /spawn both for SpaceCoins and ghast tears.

The new redstone items are currently disabled while finely tuning the performance. Hoppers add quite a bit of lag, and this needs to be improved. Expect these to be added on the server in the next 2 – 3 days.


Update: The crafting bugs have been fixed. In addition, Nether Quartz ore can now be bought from both shops at /spawn.

The remaining 3 kits have just been activated on the website. These kits are as follows:

/kit cobble – upon activating this kit, by doing /kit cobble you will receive 8 stacks of cobble. You can run this command once every 24 hours. To permanently activate this kit for your account press the add to cart button below and follow the instructions.

/kit wood – upon activating this kit, by doing /kit wood you will receive 1 stack of wood (Oak) logs. You can run this command once every 24 hours. To permanently activate this kit for your account press the add to cart button below and follow the instructions.

/kit redstone – upon activating this kit, by doing /kit redstone you will receive 1 stack of redstone. You can run this command once every 24 hours. To permanently activate this kit for your account press the add to cart button below and follow the instructions.

Keep in mind, these are donations you’re giving to support the server. Thank you! The upgrades to your in-game account on this server are permanent (i.e. will never expire).

In addition, I’ve been asked a lot to put in another way to obtain beacons through a donation. Beacons have just been added and you will find them in the Item Packs.

As promised yesterday, 6 new kits have been added to the server. Half of them are already active.

/kit sapling – this is aimed at new players that get unlucky and miss on their sapling from the first tree. If you need a sapling, to /kit sapling and get one. Cooldown – 24 hours.

/kit lavabucket – this too is aimed primarily at new players that make a mistake when building their cobble gen and turn their lava into obsidian, but it will benefit everyone. To get your lava bucket, to /kit lavabucket. Cooldown – 3 days.

[![Valentine's Day Heart made by JamesFizzy](/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/valentines_heart.png)](/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/valentines_heart.png)Valentine’s Day Heart made by JamesFizzy

Last but not least, based on your suggestions in the skyblock forum there’s /kit valentine

To find out what’s in the kit, you’ll have to log in game and check yourself. This can only be used once per player, and will expire on Monday.

The other 3 kits and more will go live tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s Valentines day. As it’s a custom on the server, I’ll be adding a new kit specific to this holiday in-game, based on the Valentines day kit suggestions from you in the forums.

But wait, there’s more…

There are 5 new kits that will be added – aimed from beginner players to accomplished veterans – and other items that were requested by a lot of players. Watch the website and in-game messages in a few hours when these will go live.

I don’t often mention things before they’re deployed on the server. However, a lot of great things are cooking. It’s time you have a sneak peek on several major milestones…

Completely revamped island system — work in progress, about 50% done

  • Changing island ownership
  • Island lock-down to prevent non-members from even entering your protected space, including through flying and warping there
  • Expanding your island beyond the initial 100 x 100
  • Island l….s
  • Tied into the above, island wide b…s

These last 2 items will completely change the way you play skyblock. I pretty much guarantee you’ll love it.

Completely revamped challenges system — coding not started yet

  • Having not gathering challenges like make 20 cobble, but complex stuff like make and activate a nether portal, kill xx spiders, make a brewing stand and brew 20 health potions, and so on. Including tiered challenges, or quest chains if you will, where completing a challenge will make the next one available.
  • Player l….s, gained from completing harder challenges and – to a smaller degree – by day to day activities you enjoy doing
  • The above will tie in and form the base for 2 major features of the new island system

Player p..s and m….s will be coming to skyblock in the near future.

Mining operations

Enjoy 🙂