Here is a short summary of all the announcements and events that happened during last night stream.

First announcement:
We don’t usually run sales or discounts around ‘ere. The reason for that was discussed at length during the stream. However it’s Christmas, right? And I always think of ways to thank everyone that donates to keep the server running and improve upon. Therefore Starting Dec 22 there’s a 20% sale on all account upgrades. You don’t need to enter any coupon code, the discount is already applied for everyone. The sale ends on Dec 29, at whatever time Buycraft expires it.

Check out all packages you can get: Skyblock Account Upgrades. This includes all donator ranks (Iron, Gold, Obsidian, etc.) and kits (Wood, Redstone).

Second announcement:
As you might be aware, we’re running a server wide event – The Scavenger Hunt. 2 days ago we released 6,000 islands for people to plunder and collect their spoils. Last night we released another 3,000 islands bringing the total to 9,000. If you need dirt, sand, lava buckets and even the odd ghast tear or other valuables, now’s your chance. But make sure you hurry, I’ve been told by players that more than half of those islands have already been mined out. Best of luck!

Third announcement:
Gifts! More Christmas gifts for everyone to enjoy! Log on the server and do

/kit Christmas

The kit will expire a few days after New Year. Don’t spend it all in one place 🙂

At the end of the stream there were withers to battle. And much fun it was, as you can see from the short recorded event below. Enjoy.


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Merry Christmas everyone!