Y’all probably still remember the previous raffle we held for the server 1 year anniversary. I say it’s time we have another one, to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Because it’s basically 2 events in one, the prizes will be bigger than the last raffle.

The raffle started last night, on Dec 20 and will end on January 4th. On that date we’ll hold the draw live on stream and hand out the prizes, on Twitch: heatseeker0Online

There will be 6 prizes, starting at $15 worth of items or account upgrades, and going up to $75 for 1st place. To see what items or account upgrades you can get check out the item packs and account upgrades. Total prize value is $225.

Each ticket costs 50 sc (in-game currency) and there’s a limit of 1 ticket / account. For more details do /raffle in game.

The announcement has been made last night during the live stream. If you missed it, check out the recording on our Minecraft Skyblock Youtube channel

Best of luck to everyone! Enjoy 😉


Watch live video from HeatSeeker0Online on TwitchTV

Note: The prizes can be any combination of items and / or account upgrades for your character from our server real money shop. Per our server rules you cannot redeem the prizes in cash, nor can you resell them for real money to another player. You can however resell them for any in-game benefits to another player at your discretion.