Hello there friends,

The rumors are true. An ancient being of immense power has just… oh wait, wrong story.

The Scavenger hunt. Yes, that’s today’s topic. Scavenging. And hunting. With a twist. More than half a year has passed since the last one. So take your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic if you’re not of age), grab a comfy chair and let’s unravel the mystery: what the heck is Scavenger Hunt?

Each day players of all ages come by our humble abode. Some stay and build impressive mansions, huge castles, big islands and amazing shops to amass riches. Yet others are just passing by, never getting beyond the first few hours of their starter islands.

So islands pile up. We have over 75,000 of them. Big islands, small islands, beautiful islands, ugly little cobble islands, and everything in between. Once in a while, we release some of the ugliest, tiniest islands to everyone. Their protections are lifted, and they’re fair game for anyone willing to put the effort and find them.

This is a server wide event, as scavenger islands are scattered across the entire map. Last night we released 6,000 of them. There are 6,000 more islands that will be released over the next days, at random times. So anyone has a fair shot at fresh islands, no matter your play time.

Your job, should you accept it, is to travel forth along the map by whatever means necessary, find the released islands and plunder all riches you come across. Anything you find is yours and yours alone to keep.

In a nutshell, you search the server map for islands out of protection then mine all their resources, and grab everything in their chests. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies as the road ahead is long, and there are many perils.

Last night during the live stream we recorded the beginning of the event, and then I proceeded to hunt for said islands. So if you have further questions or need some tips to better use your time to get as many resources for your own island as you can, be sure to watch it below. Don’t forget to follow and like us to show your support. Thanks 🙂

F.A.Q: I often get asked “Is my island in any danger of being plundered by hordes or ravaging players?” The short answer is “Heck, NO!”

The long answer is this: the island release algorithm will only release islands that have been worked on for LESS than 1 day, and the island owner, or any of the members didn’t log in for more than one month ago. So if you spent more than 1 day working on your island, it’s never going to be deleted.