Over the last few days based on player feedback I’ve applied the following changes:

  • All teleport delays (/home, /spawn, /tpa, etc.) reduced to 5 seconds down from 10 seconds.
  • The spawning platform in the End as well as a small area around it have been protected against changes and marked as safe area (PvP OFF). This is to prevent blocking access to the End. There is another planned tweak related to the End that will be applied at next End reset in a few days.
  • The enderchests at spawn are now usable by anyone to deposit their most valuable items. Obsidian rank donators also have access to their enderchest anywhere by doing /enderchest.
  • Trolly command /away that could’ve been abused to spam chat has been removed from all servers.
  • /siege command that could’ve been abused to grief inside claims has been removed.
  • Animal breeding is now allowed outside claims (will become active at next server restart).
  • Added command /sethome to allow you to set your home without sleeping in a bed. Warning: It doesn’t set your home if you’re in or near someone else’s claim, or on half slabs.

Thanks everyone that submitted suggestions and bug reports.