Productive day today. Lots of bugfixes were just applied to the server:


  • Fixed bug where players would sometimes lose their inventory items when dying in NetherUltimate
  • Fixed bug where players wouldn’t lose 25% of their XP when they die in NetherUltimate
  • Fixed exploit where sometimes players would gain levels by dying in NetherUltimate instead of losing them.


  • Added item information on all arena gear. This is to help players not get banned if they somehow end up with arena armor or weapons after the battle finishes.

FFA PvP Arena

  • Added item information on all arena gear. This is to help players not get banned if they somehow end up with arena armor or weapons after the battle finishes.
  • Properly restore flight mode on arena finish.


  • Properly refresh inventory on trade accept/cancel so players don’t think they lost items when in fact the items are in their inventory, just not visible until they relog.

With most known bugs out of the way, I can now focus on adding new things to the server in the near future 😉

A couple updates and bugfixes have been applied to the Skyblock server.

First we have the Valentine kit. Make sure you have about 6 or 7 inventory slots empty and do /kit valentine in game. The kit will be retired next weekend.

We then have the Cacti update. You can now use cacti as fuel in furnaces. The burn time is equal of saplings, so for example it takes 2 cacti to smelt an ore. Enjoy 🙂

Last but not least, a bug introduced with 1.7.4 where you weren’t able to get out of vehicles (horses, beds, minecarts) is now fixed. Therefore I removed the workaround, so now you can ride them proper. Enjoy, and make sure you have the /island flag ride turned ON if you want people to be able to ride horses and minecarts on your island.

There will be more updates and bugfixes coming in the next few days.

The Minecraft Skyblock server uptime about an hour ago was 7 days. A restart was helpful, and given it’s the time of the day when least people are online decided to go for it. After the restart…

Mojang auth servers are down. Nobody can connect to ANY Minecraft server in the world. Talk about bad timing… 🙁

Mojang Auth Servers Down

At least they are aware of the issue, so hope this means it’ll get fixed soon.

To check the status of their Auth servers now or in future, here’s the link:

Update January 21 – And we’re at it again… bigtiny13 didn’t contact me in a week after he won the 2nd place, so last Sunday we held the raffle draw again for the same prize. The winner is: MatthewCraft9. I’ve sent you an in-game mail right after the draw to let you know you won. You have one week, until January 26 to contact me and tell me what items and / or account upgrades you’d like from the server real money shop. The total value of these should be $60.

Update January 24 – Matthewcraft9 claimed his prize. His choice were diamonds, beacon, designer pack and more.

Congratulations again to all the winners!

Update January 12 – Because guitargal24 didn’t contact me in a week, that player forfeit their prize. Last night we held a new raffle for the 2nd prize. The new winner is:

bigtiny13 – You were offline, I’ve sent you an in-game mail in addition to this notice. You have 1 week to tell me what account upgrades and / or items from the real money shop you’d like. Else the prize will be forfeit and we’ll hold another draw 🙂

Going to expand on this tomorrow and add video recordings of the events, but want to get the winner names out there so they can acknowledge and claim their prizes.

First the rules:
– You can ask for any account upgrade, item, pack or kit from the server real money shop. The total of the items or upgrades should obviously match the value of the prize you won.
– You have 1 week from now to contact me and claim your prize. If not you’ll forfeit your prize and next Sunday we’ll hold another raffle with just those.

And now the winners. Congratulations everyone:

$15 – Player_Schnikky – Claimed prize: Iron Donator for another account
$30 – MinecraftLewis – Claimed prize: Upgrade to next level, diamonds and grass
$45 – xXSpangBanXx – Claimed prize: Diamond Donator
$60 – guitargal24 – Didn’t contact me in the alloted 1 week, thus forfeited the prize
$75 – MitchWardle – Claimed prize already

Here is a short summary of all the announcements and events that happened during last night stream.

First announcement:
We don’t usually run sales or discounts around ‘ere. The reason for that was discussed at length during the stream. However it’s Christmas, right? And I always think of ways to thank everyone that donates to keep the server running and improve upon. Therefore Starting Dec 22 there’s a 20% sale on all account upgrades. You don’t need to enter any coupon code, the discount is already applied for everyone. The sale ends on Dec 29, at whatever time Buycraft expires it.

Check out all packages you can get: Skyblock Account Upgrades. This includes all donator ranks (Iron, Gold, Obsidian, etc.) and kits (Wood, Redstone).

Second announcement:
As you might be aware, we’re running a server wide event – The Scavenger Hunt. 2 days ago we released 6,000 islands for people to plunder and collect their spoils. Last night we released another 3,000 islands bringing the total to 9,000. If you need dirt, sand, lava buckets and even the odd ghast tear or other valuables, now’s your chance. But make sure you hurry, I’ve been told by players that more than half of those islands have already been mined out. Best of luck!

Third announcement:
Gifts! More Christmas gifts for everyone to enjoy! Log on the server and do

/kit Christmas

The kit will expire a few days after New Year. Don’t spend it all in one place 🙂

At the end of the stream there were withers to battle. And much fun it was, as you can see from the short recorded event below. Enjoy.


Watch live video from HeatSeeker0Online on TwitchTV

Merry Christmas everyone!

Y’all probably still remember the previous raffle we held for the server 1 year anniversary. I say it’s time we have another one, to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Because it’s basically 2 events in one, the prizes will be bigger than the last raffle.

The raffle started last night, on Dec 20 and will end on January 4th. On that date we’ll hold the draw live on stream and hand out the prizes, on Twitch: heatseeker0Online

There will be 6 prizes, starting at $15 worth of items or account upgrades, and going up to $75 for 1st place. To see what items or account upgrades you can get check out the item packs and account upgrades. Total prize value is $225.

Each ticket costs 50 sc (in-game currency) and there’s a limit of 1 ticket / account. For more details do /raffle in game.

The announcement has been made last night during the live stream. If you missed it, check out the recording on our Minecraft Skyblock Youtube channel

Best of luck to everyone! Enjoy 😉


Watch live video from HeatSeeker0Online on TwitchTV

Note: The prizes can be any combination of items and / or account upgrades for your character from our server real money shop. Per our server rules you cannot redeem the prizes in cash, nor can you resell them for real money to another player. You can however resell them for any in-game benefits to another player at your discretion.

Hello there friends,

The rumors are true. An ancient being of immense power has just… oh wait, wrong story.

The Scavenger hunt. Yes, that’s today’s topic. Scavenging. And hunting. With a twist. More than half a year has passed since the last one. So take your favorite beverage (non-alcoholic if you’re not of age), grab a comfy chair and let’s unravel the mystery: what the heck is Scavenger Hunt?

Each day players of all ages come by our humble abode. Some stay and build impressive mansions, huge castles, big islands and amazing shops to amass riches. Yet others are just passing by, never getting beyond the first few hours of their starter islands.

So islands pile up. We have over 75,000 of them. Big islands, small islands, beautiful islands, ugly little cobble islands, and everything in between. Once in a while, we release some of the ugliest, tiniest islands to everyone. Their protections are lifted, and they’re fair game for anyone willing to put the effort and find them.

This is a server wide event, as scavenger islands are scattered across the entire map. Last night we released 6,000 of them. There are 6,000 more islands that will be released over the next days, at random times. So anyone has a fair shot at fresh islands, no matter your play time.

Your job, should you accept it, is to travel forth along the map by whatever means necessary, find the released islands and plunder all riches you come across. Anything you find is yours and yours alone to keep.

In a nutshell, you search the server map for islands out of protection then mine all their resources, and grab everything in their chests. Be sure to bring plenty of supplies as the road ahead is long, and there are many perils.

Last night during the live stream we recorded the beginning of the event, and then I proceeded to hunt for said islands. So if you have further questions or need some tips to better use your time to get as many resources for your own island as you can, be sure to watch it below. Don’t forget to follow and like us to show your support. Thanks 🙂

F.A.Q: I often get asked “Is my island in any danger of being plundered by hordes or ravaging players?” The short answer is “Heck, NO!”

The long answer is this: the island release algorithm will only release islands that have been worked on for LESS than 1 day, and the island owner, or any of the members didn’t log in for more than one month ago. So if you spent more than 1 day working on your island, it’s never going to be deleted.

There’s something I bet you’ll all love. So if you can, be online a bit later. Stream starts at 10 PM GMT.